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Which Device Do Doctors Use For Medical News: iPhone or iPad?

By Alan Lyndon

How do you read journal articles?  Print?  Online? And, if on a mobile device, which one?

A new survey found that 28 percent of physicians like their journal articles on a tablet.  And another 21 percent read medical publications on their smartphone.

Kantar Media surveyed 3,000 docs across 22 specialties and found that 51 percent of physicians use tablets for professional purposes.  According to the study, tablets have surpassed smartphones for reading medical journals and CME webcasts.  But smartphones still win for clinical apps and news.

Another survey by Wolters Kluwer Health confirmed those results as WKH found that 72 percent of docs use smartphones to access clinical and drug information vs. a still healthy 55 percent on a tablet.  Conversely, 63 percent access medical research on tablets vs. 43 percent on a smartphone.

All of these findings show that mobile technology is a vital part of today’s medical practice.

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