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Study: 1 in 4 Teen E-Cigarette Smokers Use Dangerous “Dripping” Technique


By Alan Lyndon One in four high school teens who use electronic cigarettes have tried “dripping” e-liquids directly into the heating coils of the device to produce more intense sensations, according to a new study from Yale University. Researchers surveyed 7,045 Connecticut high school students and found that more than 26 ...

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Examining The Link Between Diabetes, Autoimmunity and Heart Disease for American Heart Month


By Dr. Chad Larson As medical science advances, we are learning more about the links between different individual diseases. In recognition of American Heart Month in February, I’d like to draw attention to some largely unknown facts about heart disease and its indirect link to autoimmune disease. In spite of ...

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Medical Device Reps Are Often In The O.R., Raising Concerns About Influence

operating room

By Sandra G. Boodman, Kaiser Health News They are a little-known presence in many operating rooms, offering technical expertise to surgeons installing new knees, implanting cardiac defibrillators or performing delicate spine surgery. Often called device reps — or by the more cumbersome and less transparent moniker “health-care industry representatives” — these salespeople ...

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