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This App Will Get You To The Doctor, Even In A Major Snowstorm

By Brad Broker

Much of the East Coast is trapped inside today.  A major storm of snow and ice has left over 900,000 people without power in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  The storm moved north and closed Washington D.C., which is currently buried under at least 9 inches of snow.  The Philadelphia region is expecting more than a foot of snow before the storm moves north to New York and Boston.

So while everyone is trapped inside, what happens if you need to see a doctor?  You can pick up your phone or tablet and go to HealthTap, a network of mobile apps that connects doctors with patients.

HealthTap gives you immediate access to the best doctors in real time, according to CEO Ron Gutman, HealthTap’s Founder and CEO. “HealthTap has become the largest digital platform of engaged doctors and users creating a massive shift in how people interact with doctors and access healthcare,” said Gutman.

More than 50,000 docs participate in HealthTap, which has answered over 1.2 million patient queries and saved over 12,000 lives, according to the site.

“Our platform enable doctors to deliver care directly to people online in a much more convenient and efficient way than has ever been possible before,” said Dr. Geoff Rutledge, Chief Medical Officer of HealthTap.

One HealthTap user said “I got a reply from a doctor with a few minutes, at that time. I received another a short while later, with the same advice. SEE A DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY. So I did. I was hospitalized a short while later and had two kidney surgery procedures. I was terribly Ill for months (at this writing I am doing much better). If not for the quick reply of the doctor to seek professional help IMMEDIATELY. I don’t think I would have made it!”

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