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News Flash: Docs Use the Internet!

It’s official:  The Internet is an integral part of clinical practice.  Google said so.

We already knew that the Internet was an increasingly vital tool, but Google actually has some solid research to back it up.  Over 400 physicians (PCP/GP, Endo, Cardio and Psych) — all of whom spend at least 75% of their time in direct patient care — completed an online survey to determine how they most often complete clinical tasks.  For example, primary care docs were presented with a diagnosis situation; psychiatrists were asked medication questions; etc.

The survey found that 86% of doctors reported using the Internet to search for health, medical or prescription drug information.  Seventy-seven percent of physicians said they consult peer review journals for health information, while another 77% reported turning to pharmaceutical sales representatives for information.  Meanwhile, 67% of doctors report using their colleagues to find health, medical or prescription drug information, 56% use books as a resource and 54% turn to health-related organizations and associations.

According to this survey, physicians use the Internet to access medical information in multiple locations:  92% in the office (including 21% in the exam room); 88% at home; and 59% on a mobile device.

The survey was conducted as an advertising sales tool, but it provides an interesting view on how the Internet has permeated medical practices.  Click here to view the results.

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  1. How many of you physicians are communicating with your patients via email? Would you be willing to let me know how it is going? I am presently conducting a study with a university system in an attempt to see the effectiveness of these communications with the secured patient portals. I’d love to get your feedback on this!

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