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Medical App of the Month

2 - Procedure View
Modality, Inc. and Elsevier, Inc. developed two Procedures Consult Internal Medicine applications that are now available on the App Store. These iPhone and iPod touch apps help physicians, medical residents and students prepare for, perform and test their knowledge of the most common medical procedures encountered in a clinical setting.

Both apps feature a dynamic blend of high-quality expert video, illustrations, animations and text to provide easy access to procedures information, without need for a network connection. Procedures Consult Internal Medicine – General highlights 25 procedures, from abdominal paracentesis to transvenous pacing.  Procedures Consult Internal Medicine – Musculoskeletal offers overviews of 22 procedures for splinting, arthrocentesis and dislocation reduction.

“Proper training and review greatly diminishes medical errors and enhances patient care,” said Randy Charles, Managing Director of Elsevier’s Global Clinical Research Group. “The Procedures Consult online training suite, and now the mobile applications for iPhone and iPod touch, take the medical education adage ‘See one, do one, teach one’ and make it even easier for students and physicians to build skills and streamline the healthcare process.”

Nate O’Keefe, Director of Publishing for Modality, said, “Medical education and training remains the core focus of Modality, just as it has been since the company was formed. The Procedures Consult apps illustrate the exciting learning opportunities that arise when exceptional content is reinvented for the revolutionary user interface and media capabilities of iPhone and iPod touch.”

Each Procedures Consult application is available for $39.99 from the App Store.



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