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Quest Diagnostics to Connect to Microsoft HealthVault and Empower Patients and Physicians to Share Diagnostic Laboratory Test Results Online

Quest Diagnostics announced that it will enable patients and their physicians to
share diagnostic laboratory test results, using Microsoft
HealthVault(tm). The connection will enable physicians who use Quest
Diagnostics’ Care360(tm) patient-centric physician portal to securely
transfer, at a patient’s request, diagnostic laboratory test results in
a HIPAA-compliant format into the patient’s protected account. Patients
will be able to use their account to access current and historical
diagnostic laboratory records from their physicians.

More than 140,000 physicians in the U.S. use Quest Diagnostics’ Care360
network to order lab tests and view results, electronically prescribe
drugs, upload clinical data and securely share information with other
healthcare providers. Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider
of diagnostic testing, information and services, serving half of all
physicians and hospitals in the U.S. and analyzing test results for more
than 500,000 patients every day. Microsoft HealthVault allows users to
store, organize and manage their medical records and personal health
information online.

“Consumers need to be able to access and take control of their health
information, in order to best manage their health and the health of
their families,” said David Cerino, general manager of consumer health,
Microsoft Health Solutions Group. “Lab results are one piece of the
puzzle necessary to give people a complete picture of their health,
which we are now able to deliver securely through the connection between
Quest Diagnostics and HealthVault.”

According to The Markle Foundation, two in three Americans (65 percent)
would like to access all of their medical information electronically to
ensure accuracy, improve doctor-patient communications and help prevent
medical errors.  Two-thirds (68 percent) also said having health and
medical information accessible online gives them more control over their
own health.[1]

Microsoft HealthVault complements Quest Diagnostics’ commitment to
physician- and patient-focused solutions. This includes an option for
patients to schedule diagnostic testing online and access a
comprehensive health library, available at www.questdiagnostics.com.

“Diagnostic testing is the foundation of a patient’s health record and
informs approximately 70 percent of health care decisions physicians
make on behalf of their patients,” said Jon R. Cohen, senior vice
president and chief medical officer, Quest Diagnostics. “We are excited
to work with Microsoft to enable patients to manage their Quest
Diagnostics laboratory data using HealthVault. Patients are starting to
take control of their health by managing their personal health
information, which we believe will enhance doctor-patient interactions
and improve medical outcomes.”

For more information on the Quest Diagnostics Care360 Physician Portal,
visit www.care360.com.

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