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Where have all the doctors gone?

If third party payers are unwilling to work with physicians, argues C. Richard Schott, M.D., they will have to deal with, and be responsible for, the resultant deterioration in quality and the disruption of access to care that surely will result, not from physician initiated job actions, but from existing market forces, resulting in the inability of a decreasing number of the physicians remaining in this region to meet the medical needs of their subscribers.

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Liability for electronic medical communications

The emergence of e-mail communication in the delivery of patient care, although offering significant benefits, presents new legal and ethical challenges to physicians. If physicians are going to integrate electronic messaging systems into their practices, they need to be aware of the unique issues pertaining to such systems, inform patients of the relevant confidentiality, security and privacy issues presented by electronic medical communications and adopt appropriate policies, procedures and safeguards to meet the obligations associated with the use of such technology.

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New peer review confidentiality issues

Physicians in Pennsylvania now have the means to access documentation or recordings of their peer review proceedings, which should make it easier to substantiate allegations of bad faith and improper motive of the peer review committee members and to overcome the presumption of immunity.

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