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Scrutinize restrictive covenants

They remain a fixture in physician employment contracts, shareholder and asset purchase agreements. Physicians must be more attentive than ever to the nature and possible effect of restrictive covenants in their agreements. Courts analyze validity of covenants, reasonableness of their restrictions and remedies for their breach.

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Who needs doctors?

Loss of personal choice of one’s doctor leads to the more central question of whether doctors are really necessary at all. A satirical look at the possibilities available.

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Understanding life insurance policies

No investment or asset can provide the purchaser with such extraordinary leverage and the ability to create liquidity when it is most needed. Consider the advantages and limitations of term and permanent life insurance and how to determine your need.

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Consider a single-specialty network

If you are a specialist, consider the advantages offered by single specialty networks, which include increased control in a managed care environment, enhanced negotiation clout with health plans or primary care groups, shared administrative resources and marketing leverage.

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Integration in ambulatory care centers

The merger of physicians or their acquisition by hospitals often encounter logistical and bureaucratic obstacles to meaningful unity. Those problems can be overcome by consolidating sites into strategically located ambulatory care centers, an approach that has competitive advantages to the sponsoring organization.

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Drafting a termination agreement

Many issues could arise upon leaving a medical practice. It is essential to negotiate the terms of a Termination Agreement to ensure a smooth withdrawal or split-up. Learn the types of provisions that should be included in the documents.

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