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Healing academic medicine

For academic medical centers to survive and thrive, they must adopt a certain stance toward their clinical researchers. Institutions must make clear policy commitments to endowments, to student mentoring, to clinical care and to salaries, or risk the fall of academic medicine.

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Closed-end fund investing

When seeking diversification, opportunity and value, savvy investors often turn to one of the least-explored areas of the stock market. Learn three general classifications of closed-end funds.

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Why physicians get deselected

As managed care plans step up their cost containment efforts and scrutiny of physician performance, it is wise to understand the ways in which they may attempt to shrink their panel of physicians. Board certification, utilization management, patient satisfaction and preventive health programs are criteria with which health plans use to do so.

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Avoiding liability for HMO denials

Physicians remain a favorite target in malpractice cases involving denial of treatment or referrals by managed care companies. Judicious record-keeping of office consultation, use of patient consent forms and investigation of HMO policies and track records are discussed as strategies to minimize your exposure to managed care company liability.

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Legalities of selling a nonprofit

Duties of a board of directors, federal and state safeguards, and charitable asset requirements physicians should know, particularly those who are board members of a nonprofit contemplating selling their operating assets to for-profit businesses.

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Integrating alternative therapies

Doris G. Bartuska, M.D. draws from current literature to offer principles and recommendations to guide physicians in their approach to alternative medicine, including physician attitude, patient consultation and medical school curricula.

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