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Legalities of selling a nonprofit

Duties of a board of directors, federal and state safeguards, and charitable asset requirements physicians should know, particularly those who are board members of a nonprofit contemplating selling their operating assets to for-profit businesses.

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Integrating alternative therapies

Doris G. Bartuska, M.D. draws from current literature to offer principles and recommendations to guide physicians in their approach to alternative medicine, including physician attitude, patient consultation and medical school curricula.

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Life and disability insurance needs

In the event of death or disability, it is difficult to determine the amount of money needed to support a family and pay down outstanding liabilities reduced by current asset holdings and future receipts of income. Here are some considerations.

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Coding evaluation and management

HCFA has released the long-awaited guidelines for coding of evaluation and management services by specialists. In light of the rapidly expanding number of federal coding audits, the new guidelines send important messages about the expectations for scope of work in and documentation of patient examinations.

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