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New information technology solutions

Application Services Provider is a relatively new type of outsource provider that delivers and supports software as a service over a network, such as the Internet. This trend is beginning to offer physician practices new and attractive alternatives for changing or upgrading management information systems.

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All-products clauses in provider contracts

The aggressive use of all-products clauses in managed care participation agreements, sometimes referred to as "cram-down," is becoming the focus of increased scrutiny as insurers use them more coercively to build and retain their physician networks across product lines.

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A surprising new life insurance option

A new option has evolved in the life insurance marketplace that retains the value of life insurance as a personal, business and estate planning tool, and allows policy-owners to reapply this value to lifetime needs. The number and kind of innovative applications of the lifetime settlement concept have grown rapidly and dramatically since the concept first took shape a few years ago.

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