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Physicians, the law and professional courtesy

The legality of the well-honed tradition of professional courtesy has been called into question due to an upsurge in government's efforts to ensure accurate billing of claims, new federal laws addressing physician referral and patient relationships and the novel application of existing laws. Perhaps even more unfortunate, no one clear viewpoint has arisen as to its continuing legal viability.

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Civil enforcement of fraud and abuse laws

With increasing frequency, courts are being called upon to evaluate the legality of relationships between providers and third-parties in the context of civil litigation. The facts and outcome in Zimmer illustrate a number of important observations that derive from the line of cases involving civil enforcement of the fraud and abuse laws.

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Semi-retirement options for senior MDs

One option might entail a semi-retired doctor electing to work a certain percentage of a full workload (e.g., day schedule, weekend call, night call, etc.). Another option might entail the semi-retiring doctor dropping procedures (e.g., dropping OB, no longer doing surgical cases, etc.), while maintaining an office-only practice.

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