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Long-term reforms stalled in 2003

Many physicians may wonder what happened to the clout they projected eight months ago at the Code Blue Protests - having since seen little visible progress toward malpractice reform goals and nearly losing MCARE abatement relief, which looked like it was in the bag early on.

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Strong physician recruitment and retention

Organizations destined for the greatest success with physician staffing will devote at least as much attention to retention as they place on recruitment. With every month that an open physician position remains unfilled impacting the bottom line, effective retention will be essential to each organization’s financial stability.

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Clearing the EMTALA fog

We can now begin to assess to what degree the regulations met their stated goal of reducing confusion and easing many of the burdens faced by hospital emergency departments, while still ensuring that individuals will receive appropriate screening and emergency treatment, regardless of their ability to pay.

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Role of patient satisfaction

As physicians and hospitals experience growing pressure to increase the quality of their outcomes, enhance the safety of their patients and lower the cost of their care, analysts expect greater attention and scrutiny to be given to the accountability function of patient satisfaction scores, and to ways in which patient satisfaction measurement can be further integrated into an overall measure of clinical quality.

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