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Business advice for residents and fellows

Many residents and fellows have received very little formal education regarding an array of non-clinical business subjects. A senior resident or fellow is likely to be surprised as he or she transition into the professional world. Consider five survival tips to make the transition smoother.

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Liability for electronic medical communications

The emergence of e-mail communication in the delivery of patient care, although offering significant benefits, presents new legal and ethical challenges to physicians. If physicians are going to integrate electronic messaging systems into their practices, they need to be aware of the unique issues pertaining to such systems, inform patients of the relevant confidentiality, security and privacy issues presented by electronic medical communications and adopt appropriate policies, procedures and safeguards to meet the obligations associated with the use of such technology.

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When to firm up partnership arrangements

From a resident’s standpoint, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should at least ask a lot of questions about the practice’s future plans. From the practice’s standpoint, you may not want to commit to a particular course of action before the "honeymoon" period of associateship.

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