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Antitrust issues confronting physicians

The cornerstone of any response to the malpractice crisis must either be in the nature of group lobbying activities or individual decisions that may be preceded or followed by limited forms of coordinated activities. Physicians of the same specialty must be cognizant at all times of the need not to reach agreements that limit each other's individual economic actions, but they can take advantage of the opportunity to coordinate a response to individual actions that is consistent with good professional practice.

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Where have all the doctors gone?

If third party payers are unwilling to work with physicians, argues C. Richard Schott, M.D., they will have to deal with, and be responsible for, the resultant deterioration in quality and the disruption of access to care that surely will result, not from physician initiated job actions, but from existing market forces, resulting in the inability of a decreasing number of the physicians remaining in this region to meet the medical needs of their subscribers.

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New life for MD-hospital joint ventures

The regulatory environment is now ripe for hospital-physician ASC joint venture arrangements. A new ruling clarifies how a non-profit health care system can participate in an ancillary for-profit joint venture while maintaining its tax-exempt and public charity status.

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