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Physician pay-for-reporting launched

Many physicians may find the PQRI appealing, as they stand to gain extra reimbursement for reporting data that they may already capture in their patients’ clinical charts, although participation will likely entail workflow changes, and few expect the 1.5 percent bonus to cover a practice’s additional cost for capturing and reporting the data.

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How to divide the practice pie

As the pie shrinks or stays the same, it becomes more important to implement a fair and reasonable net income division formula. While most practices can accomplish that, others cannot, which can lead to practice split-ups, partners leaving and buy-in deals not coming to fruition.

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Insolvency and business valuation

The valuation process involves making assumptions about an entity’s financial future which are of necessity different from its financial past. Thus, a rigorous analysis of those assumptions is requisite to a thorough understanding of the reliability of the conclusion of value.

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