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Fractional ownership offers shared sense of wealth

Fractional ownership is when individuals purchase a portion or share of an expensive asset that they otherwise may not be able to afford on their own. The buyers share the cost of the asset and, in some cases, they also share the costs of maintenance, fees, taxes and management costs for the asset.

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Diagnosing the value of executive stock options

Physician investors should be aware of the potential for abuse and the impact of executive stock options on the value of their investment in a company, investigate the company's past practice and current policies regarding these grants, and make their investments in an informed manner.

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Are alternative investments right for you?

As the traditional investment markets increase in volatility and deliver sub-par results, investors are looking for different ways to make money. Many individual investors are coming in contact with the concepts classified as “alternative,” without truly understanding the proper benefits, uses, and risks.

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A 21st century approach to life insurance

While most policy holders would consider a life insurance contract as a periodic expense, the fact is that the contract represents an asset. A lawyer would refer to it as personal property. As such, it can be purchased and sold in the open market at its fair market value.

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