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Confidentiality in a paperless system

Expanding technical capabilities of vendors and users of health care information require serious legal considerations regarding the protection of electronically stored and retrieved information. A summary of Pennsylvania’s statutory and regulatory standards of confidentiality, as well as individual privacy laws.

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Your duty to protect non-patients

Do you have a duty to protect others who come into contact with your patient who has a contagious disease? Does it matter whether or not the disease is a "reportable" one? The issue of liability to a third party is becoming more timely as new viruses and drug-resistant strains appear.

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Scrutinize restrictive covenants

They remain a fixture in physician employment contracts, shareholder and asset purchase agreements. Physicians must be more attentive than ever to the nature and possible effect of restrictive covenants in their agreements. Courts analyze validity of covenants, reasonableness of their restrictions and remedies for their breach.

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Drafting a termination agreement

Many issues could arise upon leaving a medical practice. It is essential to negotiate the terms of a Termination Agreement to ensure a smooth withdrawal or split-up. Learn the types of provisions that should be included in the documents.

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