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Health care business method patents

Patents covering business methods and models may in the end be the most valuable corporate asset. What many health care and medical providers are now learning is that this powerful piece of intellectual property protection is available to them as well.

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Building a successful IPA

If the complement of physicians is structured appropriately and the right combination of financial stability, physician leadership and management skills are present, an IPA can be an effective model for physicians and physician practices to better serve their patients and successfully work with the third-party payors in their community, and with vendors.

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Managed care credentialing of physicians

The credentialing process should be designed to aid an MCO in choosing competent providers and to ensure providers a fair application of the selection criteria. An MCO that exercises reasonable care in credentialing and monitoring its providers reduces its risk of malpractice liability.

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Buying in to medical practice real estate

After working as an employee for two to three years, the young doctor will often become a partner while buying in to the practice over another three to five years. With some practices, the partners own the real estate and the issue arises as to whether the young doctor will become an owner of the real estate as well, and if so, how.

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