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Issues in estates and trusts

The estate planning process can greatly enhance the overall financial wealth of the family, and allows for a variety of tools to be used to make certain that the individual’s desires are as closely met as possible.

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Strategic evaluation of your practice

Understanding the strategic value of your practice is the single most valuable methodology to employ to become a key member of the hospital’s medical staff. Once you achieve this status, you can expect to be consulted about hospital decisions, and can broaden and solidify your influence to the institution, and also to your colleagues.

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Current state of affairs for estate planning

While many physicians may have recently updated their estate plans, there are some issues that really need to be reviewed periodically in order to make certain that your plan is current with regard to both the law and concepts that may have come in to use since the last full estate plan update was done.

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How does a hospital make money?

Hospitals that do not have a patient population that follows these rules will have a more difficult time making a profit and can often be in financial difficulty. Physicians and hospitals need to work together to best take care of their patients within the constructs presented here for all parties to have a harmonious relationship and a successful financial result.

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Diagnosis coding update 2006

Realizing that diagnosis coding translates into the financial success or failure of a medical practice, we must continually strive to assign accurate codes to services and procedures that we perform. Many new codes were added, some codes were deleted, and many codes were revised.

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