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Coding evaluation and management

HCFA has released the long-awaited guidelines for coding of evaluation and management services by specialists. In light of the rapidly expanding number of federal coding audits, the new guidelines send important messages about the expectations for scope of work in and documentation of patient examinations.

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Lay management in a medical practice

One of the key threshold issues any medical group must face is what kind of management is needed to make the practice successful. By having a good office manager and delegating managerial responsibilities, physicians can find relief from many of the aggravating day-to-day hassles.

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Integrating medical staffs with OD

Rapid development and disintegration of physician partnerships and changing alliances among physicians and institutions often fail to secure optimal cultural fit, or consider leadership succession, or anticipate ease of integration into a network. Three phases of organizational development are attentive to these problems: pre-deal, during the transaction and post-affiliation.

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Adding a physician extender

Patient care management can be made more cost-effective while affording a reasonable lifestyle for physicians and maintaining quality of care by adding a physician extender to the practice’s team. Consider the economic rationales, as well as licensure and reimbursement parameters.

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