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Physician-hospital gainsharing

A practice that violates the federal anti-kickback statute, the Stark physician self-referral law and the civil monetary penalties provision of the Social Security Act is gaining legitimacy as a catalyst for physician-hospital collaboration and clinical quality improvement.

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Implementing a medical home

A wholesale change in the way that primary care is organized, delivered and reimbursed is being promoted by three primary care specialty societies, being tested in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and gaining clout in the form of a federal demonstration project.

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Role of medical board discipline

As Pa. reforms the disciplinary activities of its medical boards, several issues emerge, including what constitutes a realistic expectation for the boards’ role in improving quality and reducing medical errors and malpractice claims in the state.

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Appraising PHC4’s infection report

Given the report’s methodological limitations, its accompaniment by new research minimizing the importance of those limitations, and its data displayed in a format that seems to encourage inappropriate comparisons of one hospital’s numbers to another hospital, the meaning and significance of the report become complicated questions.

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