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Role of patient satisfaction

As physicians and hospitals experience growing pressure to increase the quality of their outcomes, enhance the safety of their patients and lower the cost of their care, analysts expect greater attention and scrutiny to be given to the accountability function of patient satisfaction scores, and to ways in which patient satisfaction measurement can be further integrated into an overall measure of clinical quality.

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Changing roles of the PHC4

Businesses and consumers – despite perennial accolades and praise for Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council’s mission with each published report – have scarcely made use of the data in their purchasing and provider selection decisions over the years, while physicians and hospitals have become the chief users of the Council’s data for quality improvement efforts.

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MDs weigh HMO settlements

Three health insurance companies have come forth with lawsuit settlement proposals promising more favorable reimbursement practices and significant changes in their reimbursement policies and procedures, which physicians had tried to get them to implement, without success, through contract negotiations and through legislative channels.

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