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It's still not cooked

Physician empowerment can be better achieved, Richard Baron, M.D., writes, by focusing on the medical profession inself rather than by responding to external forces.

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Physician empowerment

Medical decision-making must stay in the hands of the physicians, writes Paul J. Fink, M.D., and, hopefully, the era of a fiscally driven, quasi-profession will pass and we can get back to the practice of the profession of medicine.

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Healing academic medicine

For academic medical centers to survive and thrive, they must adopt a certain stance toward their clinical researchers. Institutions must make clear policy commitments to endowments, to student mentoring, to clinical care and to salaries, or risk the fall of academic medicine.

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Integrating alternative therapies

Doris G. Bartuska, M.D. draws from current literature to offer principles and recommendations to guide physicians in their approach to alternative medicine, including physician attitude, patient consultation and medical school curricula.

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