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Where have all the doctors gone?

If third party payers are unwilling to work with physicians, argues C. Richard Schott, M.D., they will have to deal with, and be responsible for, the resultant deterioration in quality and the disruption of access to care that surely will result, not from physician initiated job actions, but from existing market forces, resulting in the inability of a decreasing number of the physicians remaining in this region to meet the medical needs of their subscribers.

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Balancing nursing autonomy with quality of care

Pending legislation would dangerously expand nurses' scope of practice, argues Pennsylvania Medical Society President Donald H. Smith, M.D. Solutions for the issues that the legislation purports to address are found in proposed regulations, which provide prescriptive authority for CRNPs.

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Health care mergers must receive oversight

Whenever nonprofit health care entities convert to for-profit or merge with other nonprofits, these public investments, and the benefits they bring to a community, are jeopardized. The role of the Commonwealth must be to insist on scrupulous review and community input in every case.

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