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Integrating alternative therapies

Doris G. Bartuska, M.D. draws from current literature to offer principles and recommendations to guide physicians in their approach to alternative medicine, including physician attitude, patient consultation and medical school curricula.

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GME and the physician labor market

The evolution of physician training and the resulting physician oversupply problem is laid out by Steven St. Peter, M.D. Solutions to this problem have sought reduction in international medical graduates and have even begun to pay hospitals not to train physicians. A rational approach must be taken, argues St. Peter, that does not leave the outcome to the vagaries of the free market.

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Who needs doctors?

Loss of personal choice of one’s doctor leads to the more central question of whether doctors are really necessary at all. A satirical look at the possibilities available.

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Program for physician empowerment

Gary C. Brown, M.D., offers a five-step plan for physicians to challenge the health care industry trend toward decreasing physician autonomy. Physicians must learn the business language, collaborate effectively, decrease the rate of rise in number of physicians, take active political roles and halt the trend of physicians selling their practices.

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What happened to the profession?

Paul J. Fink, M.D., reflects upon the erosion of significance plaguing the medical profession, and its impact on medical education. Physicians must transcend feelings of powerlessness and guilt if they are to overcome that erosion.

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Pennsylvania physician survey 1996

Dissatisfaction with medical practice is higher than you might expect. Learn how doctors in the state view medical savings accounts, single payer system and other policy priorities, and how for-profit marketplace priorities compare to those views.

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