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Hiring a physician assistant in Pa.

Regulations address permissible activities of physician assistants, impose strict requirements for a written agreement, and require the supervising physician to assume several obligations in supervising and overseeing the physician assistant.

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False Claims Act implications

A recent decision may have a significant impact on health care providers’ obligations to be conversant with and abide by not only reimbursement laws and regulations, but also carrier interpretations and medical policies.

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Ambulatory surgery centers proliferate

While they offer physicians convenient and potentially lucrative practice opportunities, ASCs appear to be hurting hospitals’ margins, and are fueling concerns that their rapid growth may be outpacing quality oversight and regulation.

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Keys to debt management

Debt by itself is not automatically a good or bad thing, but rather, the type of debt, the reason for incurring it, as well as the ability of the practice to pay it off all roll together to understand debt management.

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