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Corner not turned on malpractice crisis

To celebrate anything or draw any conclusion from the 2006 decline in premiums would be a mistake. Six times in the past 14 years Pennsylvania’s liability payouts have declined – only to be followed by substantial increases in following years.

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Pharmacist scope of practice expansion

Pa. is in the final phases of expanding the scope of what pharmacists can do in collaboration with physicians, including managing drug therapy in an institutional setting and administering injectable medications at the retail level, while retail pharmacy chains are expanding their patient services and are poised to open primary care centers staffed by nurse practitioners.

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Physician impacts of consumer-directed health plans

Accurate and meaningful information will strengthen the doctor-patient relationship while misleading or inaccurate information may complicate that relationship considerably. Physicians need to act quickly to influence what standards, data and measures are used and push accrediting agencies to police CDST effectively.

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Government seeks to encourage e-prescribing

The OIG and CMS are looking to strike the right balance between encouraging the dissemination of these technologies and minimizing the risk of abusive arrangements. The many conditions in their proposals suggest that they put greater weight in the latter objective, however.

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