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Pa.’s trade secret laws and medical practices

It is clear that there will be more activity in this area, in light of a new Act and the increasingly competitive nature of health care today. Health care entities and professionals should be aware of these important aspects of the law so that there are no unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

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MCARE and Licensure Board investigations

How the Boards’ sizable caseload is being handled, what standards for review are used to determine whether to investigate and prosecute certain cases, and to what extent prosecution of cases before the Board will impact a pending civil liability action are all issues of concern to Pa. physicians.

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Pa.’s hospital-acquired infection battle

While hospitals have for years included infection control as part of their quality improvement programs, release of the PHC4 reports has called into question the adequacy of those efforts by tallying HAI frequency, decrying their cost, and heightening public awareness of their existence.

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Consider a captive insurance company

Because they have both significant and minor risks to insure against, because they generally have high income tax liabilities, and because they are interested in building asset-protected wealth over the long-term, doctors of all types may find CICs to be an important planning tool.

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Physician executive compensation survey

Health care organizations are placing greater emphasis on quality outcomes, with boards and chief executives developing compensation strategies to recruit and retain physician executives capable of driving their organizations to achieve their quality objectives.

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