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Genetic testing law

The problem of rapidly changing and significant clinical information requiring special use restrictions is not unprecedented. The case of genetic testing is presented in detail.

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Computerized patients records

As computers start appearing in the clinical side of the physician's office, more physicians become conversant with new information technologies and Internet usage become the norm, many distinctly different systems are emerging to assist physicians in providing clinical care to their patients.

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Terminate your retirement plan?

Physicians who have sold their practice often are tempted to terminate their practice retirement plans within a year or so of the sale. However, even in the tough times of decreasing reimbursements and increasing overhead, it makes sense for most physicians to maintain their retirement plans.

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Cutting overtime compensation

Employers often make mistakes when dealing with an employee’s status as exempt from overtime pay, which can be as costly as they are unforeseen. Some cautionary advice on how to reclassify employees from non-exempt to exempt status.

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Medicare chart documentation

The most effective preventive risk management program for physicians is to maintain records from which anyone can determine what patient services were provided and to properly code the bills derived from those records. Some advice from former government insiders.

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Healing academic medicine

For academic medical centers to survive and thrive, they must adopt a certain stance toward their clinical researchers. Institutions must make clear policy commitments to endowments, to student mentoring, to clinical care and to salaries, or risk the fall of academic medicine.

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