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It's still not cooked

Physician empowerment can be better achieved, Richard Baron, M.D., writes, by focusing on the medical profession inself rather than by responding to external forces.

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Vertical versus virtual integration

Vertical integration, as an asset-based method of organizing health care delivery, has some drawbacks. Virtual integration may be one alternative solution, emphasizing coordination through patient management agreements, provider incentives and information systems, rather than investment in large numbers of facilities and people.

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Characteristics of successful POs

Some of the distinguishing characteristics of future, successful physician organizations are clear: they’re found in the organizations that perform well today. Some predictions of what the best organizations will look like in the second generation.

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Physician empowerment

Medical decision-making must stay in the hands of the physicians, writes Paul J. Fink, M.D., and, hopefully, the era of a fiscally driven, quasi-profession will pass and we can get back to the practice of the profession of medicine.

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