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OSHA’s new bloodborne pathogen regs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been busy issuing regulations, compliance directives and guidance surrounding two separate issues: new requirements aimed at preventing needlestick injuries and revised regulations dealing with recordkeeping of workplace injuries and illnesses. OSHA's latest compliance directive clarifies how these separate initiatives will interact, and physicians in private practice will be substantially affected.

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Investing in current economic times

It is not realistic to extrapolate five years of investment performance and assume that a new long-term trend has been created. On the flip side, it is not prudent to extrapolate the past two years of negative performance and assume the stock market no longer makes sense.

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Fraud enforcement of Rx marketing practices

The promotional activities of drug and device companies--and the responses of health care professionals to these promotions--are under close scrutiny from enforcement agencies. Physicians and hospitals should acquaint themselves with the various initiatives under way and review their own practices against the ever-stricter standards.

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