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Hannity Tries to Stir Measles Debate, But His Own Doc Says “Vaccinate”

HannityNobody likes to play devil’s advocate more than Sean Hannity.  But not even Hannity can argue against vaccination.  The best he can do to try to stir up controversy is to say “I’m not trusting President Obama….”

That’s great, but maybe he’ll listen to his own Fox News physician, Dr. Marc Siegel, who says “this vaccine is 99 percent effective and measles is incredibly contagious.”

Dr. Siegel, unlike his conspiracy theorist panel-mate, silences the normally bombastic Hannity and very plainly says “We have to vaccinate.”


  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems the panel all agree on choice. Even Dr. Misinformation said that vaccines should not be mandatory. Why is choice so hard to accept by some folks? Do we really live in such an intolerant society where we all have to think alike? Choice is the meeting ground. Hannity speaks sense.

    • You are wrong, so I’m correcting you.

      Choice is indeed a fine thing. Women should have the freedom to make their own reproductive choices. We should be able to choose whether or not to use recreational drugs or eat fatty foods.

      But some choices are not merely personal, and can do significant harm to others. You might choose to smoke in a crowded restaurant, but I don’t want cancer. I would personally like to choose to drive much faster, but that would increase the risk of accidents. Sometimes the state steps in to limit choices that harm the general public; one might disagree with where the lines are drawn in certain cases (should seatbelts be mandated? bike helmets?), but that’s an important role of government.

      When it comes to vaccine, parents are doing real damage to children by “choosing” to ignore science. And as recent events show (e.g. Disneyland), one idiot “choosing” to ignore science can spread a dangerous disease to others.

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