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During Nutrition Talk, Fox News Hack Says Michelle Obama Is Too Fat (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama promoting the Let’s Move! Initiative during a Kids’ State Dinner in the White House on Friday, Jul. 18, 2014.

Fox News is sometimes funnier than Comedy Central.  While they try to make coherent arguments, they actually create more and more material for late night comedy shows to parody.

Take their resident shrink, for example.  Keith Ablow has impressive credentials.  Graduated Brown University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, teaches at Tufts School of Medicine, and is a board certified adult, child and forensic psychiatrist.  He seems intelligent. But wait.

He’s on a Fox News panel show, seemingly in the ‘expert’ chair, during a discussion about school nutrition.

The topic naturally turns to political conspiracy with Michelle Obama in the middle.  Since no one had yet stuck their foot too far in their mouth, Ablow proceeds to announce that the First Lady is fat.  In his words, “She needs to drop a few….”

Funny stuff.

Regardless of your political affiliation and preference for whole wheat vs. white bread in the cafeteria, give credit to the First Lady for the Let’s Move initiative and raising awareness of childhood obesity.


(Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture via Flickr)

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  1. Read Ablow’s novels. There is something seriously wrong with this guy.

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