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Do Doctors Practice What They Preach? (Infographic)

doc appleResults from a new Medscape survey show that doctors may not practice what they preach, which can lead to a disconnected patient-physician relationship.

Medscape’s 2014 Physician Lifestyle Report shows that physicians are just as susceptible to being overweight as their patients. Male physicians saw an increase in those who were overweight or obese, and more than a quarter of female physicians are overweight. A few findings in the report include:

  • 34% percent of all physicians responding to the survey were overweight compared to 35% of the US population which meets obesity criteria
  • 39% of men are overweight compared to 2012 data showing only 37% were overweight; female physicians who were overweight remained the same at 26%
  • 57% of overweight physicians exercise twice a week; 38% of obese physicians exercise twice a week
  • Only 16% of overweight/obese doctors eat a weight-loss diet
  • 2/3 of overweight/obese doctors eat out at least once a week

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