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5 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet in 2014

doc appleBy Dr. Keith Kantor

Be accountable to yourself first.  It is common for people to blame everything and everyone else when it comes to explaining their health status.  Instead of blaming the convenience of fast food or your family members who bring you unhealthy treats, take ownership when it comes to your health.  You are the only one who can actively change your behavior.

Start small.  Successful people who are looking to make healthy lifestyle changes don’t make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew! No goal is ever too small, continuous small changes are what lead to big results. If your goal is to eat more vegetables and you have not been eating any at all then try to get in 1 serving at each meal rather than the optimal 9-11 servings per day.  Once you have become comfortable eating 2-3 servings then up the frequency.

Maintain a positive mindset.  Start the lifestyle change off right, instead of telling yourself you really need to stop drinking sodas or sweet teas, focus on increasing your water consumption instead. Decreasing the feeling of deprivation is very important and the payoff to that approach is huge.

Ensure you are getting adequate nutrients through supplementation.  Unfortunately the food that we consume today does not contain as many nutrients as it did years ago.  The food is being produced in mass quantities and the soil simply does not contain enough vitamins and minerals as it once did.  Supplements can help reduce cravings and promote weight loss by keeping the body adequately nourished and balanced.  The core supplements recommended to anyone include a high quality multi-vitamin, omega 3 fish oil, vitamin D-3, and a probiotic.  Consult with a health professional who specializes in functional medicine for additional supplement recommendations if you have a specific health issue such as thyroid, adrenal, or hormone imbalance.

Stay educated on the latest.  Most people know what they need to do but often road block themselves from success because they really do not understand, “why”. For example, you know you should cut out artificial sweeteners, but if you don’t know why, you are more likely to consume them with the “ignorance is bliss” mindset, and your success if limited.  Read credible magazines, books, and blogs that are backed by honest research.


Dr. Keith Kantor, author of What Matters: Leadership Values that Just Might Save America, chaired the Blue Ribbon panel requested by Congress on lowering health care costs in the United States.

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