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EVENT: Pennsylvania Physicians To Give Advice on “Docs on Call” TV Program

AA009679_2f58fe90PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Pennsylvania Medical Society “Docs on Call” program features physician members answering questions and discussing medical concerns with CBS-3 viewers. The public service program connects physicians with callers seeking medical advice, anonymously and free of charge, on Wednesday, October 30. “Docs on Call” will air live on CBS-3 from 5:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.
Nearly 10 years ago, the Pennsylvania Medical Society and CBS-3 came together with “Docs on Call” as an outlet for hundreds of Pennsylvania physicians to help make a difference in the communities where they live and practice. By donating their time in order to answer health-related questions and offer information on free and low-cost health clinics to those without medical insurance or without access to personal physicians, member physicians are able to serve people they wouldn’t normally be able to reach. These phone sessions are not meant to replace office visits. Physicians answering the phones will happily provide guidance to callers, but will not diagnose conditions or prescribe specific treatments.
“‘Docs on Call’ allows us to help a wide range of people—from those who don’t have ready access to regular healthcare, to those who just looking for a professional answer to a quick medical question ,” says Bruce A. MacLeod, MD, 2013-’14 president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.
“Partnering with CBS-3 really makes our physicians accessible to anyone in the area, regardless of their current healthcare situation.”
Local physicians volunteering for “Docs on Call” include:
Bucks County Medical SocietyRobert Danoff, DO, Family Medicine; Ahmed Mazaheri, MD, Urology; Steven Orland, MD, Urology; Karl Helmold, MD, Orthopedics
Delaware County Medical SocietyJeffrey Nachman, MD, Anesthiology
Montgomery County Medical SocietyMark Pyfer, MD, Ophthalmology; Scott Shapiro, MD, Cardiology; George Green, MD, Allergy & Immunology; Sunir Garg, MD, Ophthalmology
Philadelphia County Medical SocietyBenjamin Braslow, MD, Emergency Surgeon; Harvey Lefton, MD, Gastroenterology; Kurt Miceli, MD, Psychiatry; Curtis Miyamoto, MD, Radiology/Oncology; Suzanne Steele, MD, Family Medicine; Michael DellaVecchia, MD, Ophthalmology; John Dugan, MD, Ophthalmology; Brad Feldman, MD; Ophthalmology; Richard Kaplan, MD, Physical Medicine; Henry Lin, MD, Pediatrics

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