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By Harvey B. Lefton, MD

Now is the time to join the Philadelphia County Medical Society.  Government is changing the playing field with more rules and reporting requirements.  Insurers are ratcheting down payments and increasing denials and audits.  With ACO’s and other government programs to coerce physicians to join collective units you need a voice, the Philadelphia County Medical Society.  You all know much is being done in the name of quality.  We all support improving quality in patient outcomes.  The ulterior motive of most of these programs is NOT QUALITY but reducing physician revenue while increasing audits and corporate profits.  Do you want a voice in formulating the changes in regulation that are inevitable?  Are you interested in positive change??  Standing in the hall complaining to colleagues on rounds may provide psychotherapy.  It does not have any influence on national policy nor influence insurers to improve payments.  Joining the Philadelphia County Medical Society will insure your voice is heard on a local, state and national level as we interact with the Pennsylvania Medical Society and the American Medical Association.

Pennsylvania Hospital

Employed physicians and full time faculty may think they really don’t need a voice in our medical society.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  By joining the Philadelphia County Medical Society, these physicians can have their concerns addressed.  We have the Dean of Jefferson along with representatives from the major institutions in our city on the Board of Directors.  Your concerns will be heard!

Philadelphia has a tradition of INDEPENDENCE, but this was only achieved by our forefathers working together to give meaningful voice to their concerns.  Join the Philadelphia County Medical Society.  Don’t let your voice be stifled.  Through your membership you will have free access to CME and DocBookMD. DocBookMD is a smartphone app that provides an exclusive HIPAA compliant professional network for physician to physician communication.   We are actively recruiting members from medical students, residents and newly licensed practitioners.  We are also seeking to include minority medical groups in our society.  We are working to be the most representative, all inclusive, local group representing the concerns of all physicians and the needs of patients in Philadelphia.  Give yourself a voice in local, statewide and national health issues.  Your membership strengthens all of these and allows your society to speak with a united powerful voice.  Don’t be caught by surprise as Medicare announces new rules and restrictions.  Your welfare and the welfare of your patients will be safeguarded by your membership.  Our venerable society is entering its 163th year.

Be a part of this tradition and fill out the application (click here: PCMS APPLICATION). Grumbling will never accomplish anything.  Join with me to help articulate your concerns.   Help us build a future for you and your patients that will fulfill our joint priorities.


Harvey B. Lefton, MD, is President of the Philadelphia County Medical Society (www.philamedsoc.org).

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