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Physician Organization Eagerly Awaits ObamaCare Repeal

Docs4PatientCare, an organization of concerned physicians is optimistic that the new Congress will begin to undo the damage to the health care system in America caused by ObamaCare.

PRLog (Press Release)Jan 05, 2011 – As the new Congress begins work today, physicians all across the nation will be focusing on the first order of business for the House of Representatives – a repeal of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.  Docs4PatientCare, an organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a health care system that preserves the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship is applauding the legislative effort and is advocating that legislators support this repeal so that common sense reforms can be enacted.
Dr. Richard Armstrong, an Executive Board Member of Docs4PatientCare who oversees the organization’s policy activities has been very active in the debate.  He, along with the other leaders of Docs4PatientCare are encouraging their members to contact their representatives and advocate that they support the repeal of ObamaCare.  Additionally, these physicians are educating their patients and encouraging them to become active in the process to stop socialized medicine from becoming a reality.

In a statement released today from Docs4PatientCare, Dr. Armstrong stated, in part:

“If Congress votes to repeal ObamaCare, it will be a victory for all Americans who believe that freedom and liberty were suspended when the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed and signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010.  The new Congress seems to be listening to doctors, our patients and the American people.  We can all clearly see how dangerous this law really is.

The vote next week, combined with the various legal challenges is the beginning of the coming nationwide effort to strike down this entire law and begin a true American debate about health care that includes the professionals who know it best…your physicians.

It is simply fact that working physicians representing the majority of doctors caring for the patients of this nation were not included in the health reform debate that led to the hyper-partisan and forced passage of this misguided law.

The health care law had bipartisan opposition and we expect its repeal will have bipartisan support.  This is an opportunity to see exactly where all Members of Congress stand on the health care debate.  The votes next week will be closely monitored by thousands of doctors and patients.

Docs4PatientCare, a non-partisan, national organization of concerned physicians that has spent the past 18 months crafting the healthy solutions for all Americans that we believe will strengthen our nation as opposed to accepting the failed solutions of European style social democracies”.


Docs4PatientCare is a 501(c) 6 organization of concerned physicians committed to the establishment of a health care system that preserves the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, promotes quality of care, supports affordable access to all Americans, and protects patients’ personal health care decisions.  Docs4PatientCare urges physicians and patients to get involved in order to preserve the good qualities of our healthcare system, address the problems, while preventing its bureaucratic destruction.

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