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Einstein-Montgomery Partnership Builds New Medical Center

EinsteinSnapshotBy Richard Montalbano

For the first time in more than a decade, southeastern Pennsylvania will become the home of a new, state-of-the-art medical center.  Through a partnership established by Albert Einstein Healthcare Network and Montgomery Hospital Medical Center, the new medical center will provide enhanced access to high-quality clinical services to the growing population in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia.

Currently, more than 60 percent of Central Montgomery County residents travel to obtain care at other hospitals in the Pennsylvania suburbs and the city of Philadelphia. The Einstein-Montgomery partnership and this new medical center is a direct response to the community’s need for a modern setting to provide advanced medical services including intensive care for infants, neurosurgery, and cardiac and cancer care services.

Following a thorough site search, construction began in July and the new hospital is slated to open its doors in September, 2012. The creation of the medical center, located on Germantown Pike in East Norriton Township, will have a significant economic impact on the region, most notably by providing job growth at a time of ongoing high unemployment.  The medical center project is due to create approximately 600 construction jobs, preserve approximately 800 current jobs at MHMC and create a future need for nearly 300 new positions.

When it opens, the 360,000 square foot, five-floor medical center will operate as a full-service acute care hospital.  The facility will boast 146-beds, including 96 medical/surgical beds, a 22-bed intensive care unit, a 20-bed obstetrical unit, and an eight-bed neonatal intensive care unit.

With the primary goal of enhancing access to leading-edge medical care, the new medical center will offer clinical services and programs including: 24-hour emergency care and trauma response, delivered by board-certified emergency room physicians; advanced cancer care; state-of-the-art cardiac services; medical offices for convenient access to primary care physicians and specialists; and health education and wellness programs.

In addition to providing enhanced access to services for patients, attending physicians and residents alike will have the benefit a brand-new, world class clinical environment.   The new medical center provides a unique opportunity for physicians from a wide range of practice areas to provide a premium level of care and excel in the community’s most modern facility.  The range of both inpatient and outpatient services at the new hospital will include Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, General Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, General Surgery, Interventional Radiology/Vascular/Interventional Cardiology, Oncology, and Orthopedics.

The new medical campus will also feature a 75,000 square foot medical office building with convenient, on-site access to primary care practices and specialists. The two-story building, which will open in 2012 at the same time as the new hospital, will be connected to the main medical center.

Einstein is the largest independent academic medical center in the Delaware Valley and plans to provide resident training at the new hospital.  In addition, clinical staff will continue to be informed about and trained in the latest clinical treatments and technology for patients.  Through the new medical center, the AEHN-MHMC partnership will be able to provide Montgomery County residents with a broader and deeper array of medical care and health and wellness services.

Richard Montalbano is Vice President and Project Executive of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network.

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  1. How can you apply for a part time employment at this hospital?

  2. Barbara Giovanisci

    I have had the opportunity to relocate to the Worcester area and could not help but notice the facility that is being constructed near by. I am an operating room nurse with many years of experience and I am interested in applying for a position. Can you direct me to what would be the proper avenue in order to obtain information on what positions would be open as well as where to submit my resume.
    Thank you

  3. I am very interested in applying for a job in your new facility. When and where do I do that.When do you plan on opening in 2012?

  4. Good day! I think this new facility will be a fabulous addition to our community and provider some much needed employment. My question is this: How, when and to whom do I submit my resume to for employment a this new hospital?

    Thank you.

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