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Tort Reform Dead as a Doornail

News release from DoctorsAdvocate.org:

Putting what they believe to be the best interests of patients ahead of their own personal interests, many physicians did not oppose the health?care legislation that (is now) law.

In that regard, many physicians set aside calls for medical liability tort reform, knowing this opportunity was the last best chance for such reforms?to occur on a national level. Instead, physicians focused on providing access to health care delivery services for all Americans. This did not?imply an endorsement of the lawsuit abuse personal injury lawyers practice. It simply meant physicians focus was on patient care.

It is interesting to note that during the year-long debate, personal injury lawyers organized to decry medical liability lawsuit abuse reforms?in any form. Rather than joining physicians in seeking the best interests of patients, lawyers united to defend their own best interests. After all,?proposed reforms would have limited what lawyers could pocket from jury awards meant for patients.

Safe from statute or punitive consequences, we can expect to see personal injury lawyers continue to aggressively engage in medical malpractice?lawsuit abuse. Doctors will be sued for undesired outcomes in which no malpractice occurred. And in cases where malpractice is in question,?lawyers will continue to sue every health care practitioner whose name is on the patient’s chart, regardless if those named had any connection to?the alleged incident.

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