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PhysiciansNews Makes the Top 15!

Great news for the readers of…..We’ve been named one of the best health related news feeds. has released its top 100 list of Twitter feeds to follow for health and medical information.  Here’s the top part of the list:

General Health News

These feeds offer a wide variety of health care news and offer a great place to cover all your bases on health care news.

  1. @health. From food recalls to the latest in research findings, this feed shares all the latest news.
  2. @HealthHive. Find health news for the whole family with these updates.
  3. @WebMD. The Twitter feed from this popular website provides frequent medical news updates.
  4. @mayoclinic. You know the medical news from this highly-respected organization is worth following.
  5. @CDC_eHealth. The CDC posts health and safety information on this feed.
  6. @medlineplus4you. The National Library of Medicine posts the latest news and information on health and medicine.
  7. @digg_health. Find out which health stories are ranking highest on Digg with this feed.
  8. @sumedicine. The Stanford School of Medicine posts frequent news stories on medicine, medical research, and health.
  9. @WorldwideHealth. This feed from the UK focuses on alternative health news.
  10. @NEJM. The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine posts medical news and research from around the world.
  11. @HarvardHealth. The news and research here comes from Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals.
  12. @JAMA_current. Subscribe to this feed to see what is being released in the current issue of the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.
  13. @MedicalNews. This feed serves as an aggregator, compiling and publishing medical news from several sources.
  14. @physiciansnews. Find news stories here that are tailored just for physicians.

Our thanks to the people at  Click here for the full list.

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