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Free Flu Web site Allows Patients to Assess Symptoms Quickly, Interact with Their Physician, and Receive Advice on When to Return to Work or School

CHICAGO — To help patients and physicians better communicate and improve care coordination, the American Medical Association (AMA) today unveils, the nation’s first comprehensive Web-based patient flu health-assessment program. It walks patients through a series of questions to determine the severity of their flu symptoms based upon the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Patients can choose to share their information with their physician, as well as family members and loved ones. also provides a set of online tools to help physicians monitor their patients’ symptoms, facilitate care and treatment decisions, and efficiently manage their practices’ patient flow.

“With both seasonal flu and H1N1 circulating this year, physician offices are already busier than normal,” said AMA Board Member Mary Anne McCaffree, M.D. “This resource allows patients to assess their symptoms and determine when to seek care for themselves or their loved ones. To prevent the spread of influenza, this site also helps determine when it is safe for those who have been sick to return to work or school.” can help patients assess their own flu symptoms, or those of a child or loved one, and offer guidance on whether they should seek care. There is also a choice for pregnant women to evaluate their need for a flu vaccination and for all patients to monitor any post-vaccine related symptoms. can also generate a doctor’s note when it is safe to return to work or school.

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