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Your Views on Obama's ABC News Forum…

President Obama appeared on ABC last night to discuss reform proposals with a small group of healthcare practitioners, students, executives and citizens.  What did you think?  What would you ask the President about how reform may affect the practice of medicine?


  1. The best solution to our health crisis (for patients and providers) is to extend Medicare to the entire population so that there is one risk pool.

  2. I. J. Reiner, M. D.

    I have practiced medicine for more than fifty years. I have seen the double cross of the government by LBJ and Wibur Cohen when he testified (lied) about the cost of Medicare. If you wnat a close up look at government mismanaged medical care, go no furhter than the VA. As for me, I will vote with my feet. I will turnoff ABC from my home or office TV.

  3. Cognitive dissonance.

    Congress and the Press vie for the public’s disrespect, competing for the 10% respect level or so.

    Government brought on our current financial crisis through bad laws (CRA), overspending, financing same through the Fed’s cheap money, and removal of moral hazard from dodgy loans (Fannie & Freddie) and securitized packages of same. I see yesterday Barney Frank is calling for more of the same. And, of course, President Obama’s solution to his predecessor’s overspending is… more overspending times, what five? Ten? (Go figure it out- through his “transparency” policies.

    My hospital pays its floor managers bonuses to discharge patients. Why? Because the actual giving of care is an expense “loss” – once qualified for the DRG payment. Who lead this corruption? Medicare. Government.

    What’s the wait time for a new patient visit in the VA system? Last I heard – a couple of years ago- the American Legion survey found six months. Government healthcare.

    And we look to government to “reform”?

    Cognitive dissonance.

  4. ONLY “BILLY MAZE” COULD SELL A POORLY CONSTRUCTED PRODUCT CALLED “SOCIALIZED MEDICINE”.the Democratic bill is 852 pages long filled with requirements that will increase the overhead of the Doctors and Hospitals.There are 25+ pages of penalty’s that start at $100. up to a maximun $500,000. for failure to comply,staring at business,hospitals and physicians.
    The biggest lie is the 4% overhead of CMS. There are 4400 hundred employees in this count. They have not counted as overhead FBI fraud squad, Inspector General, Attourney General , Recovery Audit company’s ,contracted coding employees,26 carriers in their cost. West coast regional CMS director admitted to this last week at a meeting I attended in California.
    This fast track is a LEGACY BILL for KENNEDY.
    OBAMA failed last night with his infomerical on OBAMACARE.

  5. Richard Rouse, M.D.

    Mr Obama was very smooth, very well prepare. He know the issues involved. I would like to see his references on many of his statistics. Many of his simple answers are just not that way in real practice. Many of the questions needed to be qualified and did not have a “yes” or “no” answer. Many items they discussed would be nice to have, but their system will not have 100% compliance either.

    The numbers for “uninsured” are a joke. 10 M people are illegal aliens, 10 M currently qualify BUT HAVE NOT SIGNED UP FOR Medicare, Medicaid or Chips. CBO data shows these number remain about 50 M thru 2019. They are NOT increasing.

    I remain unconvinced that this health reform is an improvement over what we have now. I believe in the long run it will be MORE costly than what we have now, and patients and providers will all be considerably less happy with the system than they are now.

    I believe many of the problems with the current system can be fixed for less money and with much less government intervention. I believe the government care option is a terrible idea. Remember 85% of citizens HAVE insurance now and 70% of citizens are HAPPY with their current insurance. These are both better than the President’s or Congress’ approval rating.

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