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Informed Consent: What Every Pennsylvania Physician Needs to Know


Informed consent is an important part of the patient-physician relationship and has implications for other theories of medical malpractice. The principle of “informed consent” has been a component of Pennsylvania’s common law since the 1930s and has been evolving ever since. Pennsylvania first considered the concept in 1932 in Moscicki ...

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Childhood Vaccines Debate Rekindled at GOP Presidential Debate


Some parents’ long-simmering concerns over the safety of childhood vaccines received unexpected — and, in some quarters, unwelcome — notice during the second Republican presidential candidates’ debate. While the link between vaccines and autism has long been discredited, an exchange toward the debate’s end addressed a more recent parental concern ...

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Difficult for women in combat zones to get contraceptives

military woman

Next year, the military will officially lift restrictions on women in combat, the end of a process that may open up as many as 245,000 jobs that have been off limits to women. But women who deploy overseas may continue to face obstacles in another area that can have a critical impact on their military experience: contraception. It’s ...

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